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Colour iron plate

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Colour iron plate

Existing fireproof urethane, polyurethane, glass wool, EPS, metal, hard to avoid the shortcomings of many of sheet metal materials and so on, by incorporating a design engineering techniques based on the oretical experience must complement the structure of scientific as well as extrusion and molding the strength of the product, corrosive and other materials (paint, dobaeji, etc.) and the bonding properties such as equip through out all the infrastructure of a ranging from outright to hold the qualitative improvement of technical and construction commodities reached the Hebrews being to supplement, manufactured by the product to be able to solve everything at once and construction to production and distribution, as well as the steel industry was able to produce a strong ripples through to all sectors of the building industry, etc..

│ Description │

Building a differentiated advantages of products, home appliances, etc., as well as can be utilized across a wide range throughout many areas of daily life.

│ Function │

Appliances and general construction, it is possible to use a widely used over a number of fields such as steel house

│ Feature │

The application of the adhesive and cohesive parts and any other known shortcomings of the existing reserves of iron or steel became a completely new technology in differentiating strength, it gyeoljipryeok thermal insulation and corrosionprevention.

│ Specification │

cold rolled steel, tin plate, H-beam, Galvanized Iron, Steel Pipes &Tube.......